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Families and Clans
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This is a list of the elephant families and kin groups we are studying. Click to find out about the individuals in each group


Image of Hoarusib Clan

Hoanib Clan

  • WKF-4
  • WKF-19
Image of Hoanib Clan

Hoanib/Hoarusib Clan

  • WKF-1
  • WKF-2
  • WKF-3
  • WKF-11
  • WKF-14
  • WKF-15
  • WKF-20
Image of Skeleton Coast Clan

Hoarusib Clan

  • WKF-7
  • WKF-16
  • WKF-8
  • WKF-13
  • WKF-12
  • WKF-18
Image of Full Bodied Range Clan

Uniab Clan




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